Stand Off Mount Kits

Stand-Off Strip Door Kit

Product details

Allows for installation of a strip door around an existing conventional roll-up door ( inside mount ). The Stand-off hardware brackets are installed on either side of the roll-up door track and a cross beam is attached to these brackets. As a result a 3 sided enclosure around the overhead door is created. This system allows the strip curtain to be mounted on the inside while still allowing the overhead door to move up and down.

How to order
When measuring for a stand-off door, 3 measurements are necessary:
1) Track to Track Distance, (Outside to Outside ), meaning the track that the overhead door rolls on;
2) Projection Distance (Diantance from wall so the strip curtain brackets don't interfere with the overhead door track); and
3) The Height.


$ 288.00

Strip Door Filter:

Strip Door - Complete