Bodyshop & Paint Booth Curtains

Bodyshop & Paint Booth Curtains

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Bodyshop curtains or automotive curtains are common for prep stations, griding booths, paint booths, sanding booths, washbays, detailing bays and many other garage and auto/truck applications. Curtains are commonly supplied with hanging track and roller kits. Tracks are manufactured from heavy duty 14 gauge steel and are typically supplied with splice connectors and nylon rollers which hook into the grommets of the curtains.

The curtains are manufactured from 18 oz industrial grade vinyl coated mesh and 20 gauge double polished clear horizontal vision windows. Curtains can be configured as "straight runs", "L - shapes", "T - Shapes" and various other shop and garage configurations. Common add-ons include velcro, floor sweeps, windows, notches, amongst other details.

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