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Conveyor Curtains and Strips reduce dust and air transfer. Black Strips are common when visibility has to be reduced and privacy is required such as in belt conveyors at airports which carry luggage. With frequent passage of product,  black and tinted conveyor strips and curtains tend to dirty less. Conveyor pvc strips or curtains can be seen at airports, distribution centers, food production facilities, around automation applications and in most any area(s) where products travel across different environments on a belt. Conveyor curtains can also slow down product as they travels down a chute thru an opening. In these applications heavier stiffer gauge strips with more overlap are also common. Below are standard sizes. Custom sizes can also be ordered.

How to order
Face mount kits should be ordered larger than your opening. Header mount kits should be ordered as close to the size shown to fit in the opening.
Strips can be trimmed if too long.


$ 19.20

Strip Door Filter:

Strip Door - Complete